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Pan-European Real Estate Manager MVGM entering into Romanian Residential Property Management

2 months ago

InteRo Property Development hires MVGM Romania to manage NorthLight Residence in Bucharest

With decades of experience in the Netherlands, MVGM became a top tier pan-European Property Manager mid-2019 following the acquisition of JLL’s Property Management activities. While welcoming over 500 new employees in 10 countries and setting up over 20 new international offices, MVGM never forgot to focus on their initial ambition: being the European leader in property management.

Partnerships in France, Italy and the UK

Managing Director Maarten de Haas joined MVGM on 1 January 2020. Strengthening the MVGM Board, De Haas continued the journey by extending the international presence with partnerships in France, Italy and the UK. Furthermore, he also initiated and rolled out MVGM’s residential property management service throughout Europe. “Local presence and local knowledge combined with international expertise is of utmost importance to our clients and we are proud of the swift scale-up that MVGM went through in the past year.”

Expanding the international services with Residential Property Management

The real estate management portfolio that MVGM was privileged to inherit from JLL existed primarily of commercial assets. With decades of experience in Residential Property Management in Germany and the Netherlands, it was a logical choice for MVGM to join international forces in project teams with local – and international experts and residential experts. With a solid infrastructure, an excellent technology platform and dedicated teams, MVGM managed to broaden and roll-out the residential property management service offering into all 10 countries where MVGM is active. And very successfully: MVGM has won various mandates in different countries since the last quarter of 2020.

Residential Property Management of 110 high-end Bucharest apartments

InteRo Property Development hired MVGM Romania to manage the Bucharest NorthLight Residence with 110 apartments, 132 parking spaces in 5 building complexes and with 76 storage units. Romanian Managing Director Mariana Stamate “In an increasingly competitive and constantly evolving Romanian residential market, we have won this mandate by putting the client first, being the investor ánd the tenant. NorthLight Residence offers 2, 3 and 4 rooms apartments of the highest standard with premium services for the residents. We offer the (potential) tenants a high level of maintenance and administration services combined with transparency in costs.”

Living and working from your home

The role of the Residential Property Manager is becoming even more important amid the adoption of working from home more and more. This trend has led housing developers to include more common spaces into residential projects dedicated either to leisure or work. These spaces need professional management similar to commercial properties which increases the complexity of the service portfolio of the property manager.

The entire property management process for NorthLigth Residence will be outsourced to MVGM from house rental up to being the first point of contact for the tenants. Stamate “As we take care of the operational activities of the residential investments, our client can focus on their core business while we contribute to their optimal return on investment. With our local presence and knowledge we are well aware of the tenants needs and expectations. Whether we manage these high standard apartments, student or senior housing, we contribute to the living environment of the tenants as good as we can. And our experts are ready to service more investors and residential tenants.”

Combining local and regional presence and knowledge with international experience

De Haas “we see a significant increase of investors that acquire residential units; we now have a great opportunity to partner with our clients and tenants in the rising residential market in Europe. We are the first top tier European property manager to extend our services also in the residential space and we are very proud to receive the trust of our (new) clients to manage their residential properties.”